About Us

Oncology and Cancer conferences 2020 regards each one of the individuals to go to the " International Conference on Frontiers in Lung Cancer " amidst November 16-17, 2020 at Brisbane, Australia which melds brief keynote presentations, speaker talks, Exhibition, Symposia, Workshops, Speaker sessions.  

Lung Cancer 2020 will join world-class professors, scientists, researchers, students, Radiologists, Oncologists, pulmonologists, Thoracic surgeon discuss methodology for ailment remediation for lung diseases, Chemotheraphy, Radiology, Bronchoscopy, Sputum cytology, Targeted drug therapy and health disorders. Cancer conferences 2020, pulmonary meets 2020 are planned to give various information that will keep helpful specialists next to each other of the issues impacting the expectations, finding and treatment of Lung Cancer. The assembling of this event will be dealt with around the subject “Prodigious Discoveries in Lung Cancer ". 

Key Figures of Lung Cancer | Brisbane 

This international conference provides the opportunity for clinicians, scientists, doctors and researchers from all over the world to gather and learn the latest advances in the field of Oncology and Cancer and to exchange scientific ideas and experiences in a distinctive environment.

  • 2 days of scientific exchange
  • 200+ abstracts submitted
  • 30+ scientific sessions
  • 80+ international expert faculty members
  • 100+ healthcare professionals

Lung Cancer 2020 is the annual meeting conducted with the support of the Organizing Committee Members and members of the Editorial Board of the supporting lung cancer related journals and is aimed at helping support healthcare professionals i.e. Oncologists, pulmonologists, radiologists to deliver the best care possible to patients with Lung Cancer

Why to attend? 

With people from around the world focused on getting some answers concerning Lung Cancer and Healthcare, this is one of the opportunities to accomplish the greatest accumulation of individuals from different universities, associations, medical centres etc. This oncology and cancer conferences in the year 2020 at Brisbane, Australia will coordinate, disperse information, meet with recurring pattern and potential investigators and get name affirmation at this 2-day event.